San Cristobal Island Tour - Galapagos

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Discover the magnificent Galapagos Islands with our exclusive 4-day land tour on San Cristobal Island. This unforgettable experience includes guided visits to mesmerizing locations such as La Loberia, Tijeretas, and the Giant Tortoises in La Galapaguera. Additionally, embark on a yacht tour to either Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos.

  • Activity Level: Easy
  • Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
  • Highlights: San Cristobal Interpretation Center, Cerro Tijeretas, Kicker Rock or Lobos Island (you choose), La Loberia, Snorkel, Kayak. Wildlife spots: Marine Iguanas, Galapagos Sea Lions, Frigate Birds, Sea Turtles, Blue Footed Boobies, Giant Tortoises.
Galapagos Giant Tortoise sitting in green grass on Santa Cruz Island


Day 1     Arrive San Cristobal & Tijeretas Tour (L)

On arrival at the airport in Galapagos we are on San Cristobal Island. We will need to pass through migration where we register our entry to the Galapagos Islands and pay the National Park Entrance Fee. Adults US$100 per person, and children US$50 per person (subject to change). Coming out of the airport our guide will be waiting for us and will take us to our hotel for check in.

Lunch included in a local restaurant.

This afternoon we visit Cerro Tijeretas. The paved trail begins at the San Cristobal Interpretation Centre where we can learn more about the conservation of the Galapagos and its unique wildlife. The pathway takes about 30 minutes to bring us to the top of Frigate Bird Hill (Cerro Tijeretas), a beautiful lookout with panoramic views across Shipwreck Bay and out to sea towards Kicker Rock.

This visitor site is home to two species of frigate birds. Walking down to Tijeretas Bay we can snorkel in the calm waters with colourful fish, turtles, sea lions and sharks. On our return to town, we will stop off at Carola Beach to enjoy its large sea lion colony. What to bring: close-toe shoes, swimwear, sunscreen, hat, rain jacket, insect repellent.

Dinner on own

Overnight in a local hotel with breakfast included.

Day 2     Shared Boat Tour - Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos (B,L)

Today we have the option of choosing a shared boat tour to Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos. Clients must choose one option.

Shared Boat Tour to Kicker Rock (snorkel & beach): Kicker Rock, as well as being a beautiful rock formation, is one of the best spots to snorkel in the Galapagos. This snorkel site lies off the coast of San Cristobal Island.

On today's shared boat tour we reach Kicker Rock (or Leon Dormido as it is know in Spanish) after travelling by boat from Puerto Baquerizo for around one and a half hours.

We can snorkel along the cliffs of Kicker Rock, which rise vertically from the ocean to over 150m high. The submerged sea walls are covered in colourful marine life and there is a great chance of encoutering sea turtles, sharks, rays & tropical fish. The very lucky have even been able to snorkel with hammerhead sharks here. On the rock itself we are looking out for blue footed boobies, masked boobies & frigate birds.

Lunch can be enjoyed on board, then later we visit a nearby pristine, white-sand beach. Depending on the day of the week this beach visit will be to Puerto Grande, Cerro Brujo or Manglecito. Return to port in the afternoon. Shared tour, with maximum 12 people on board. 

Shared Boat Tour to Lobos Island (hike, snorkel & beach): We depart Puerto Baquerizo around 08h00 this morning for our shared boat tour to Lobos Island. After around a 30-minute boat ride we arrive at our destination. As its name implies, Lobos Island is home to a large colony of sea lions. It is typical for them to be playing around the boat as we disembark.

On Lobos Island we enjoy a hike through a volcanic environment typical of the Galapagos, it can be rocky and unstable underfoot so good shoes are recommended. The hike is just 700m long but takes around 1 hour as we observe the different flora and fauna on display. We are looking out for blue footed boobies who nest on the ground on the island. Their fascinating mating rituals include unique dances & calling behaviour. The great and magnificent Frigate birds also nest on the island in the scrub bushes, watch the males inflate their bright red neck pouches as females fly overhead.

We will then have the opportunity to snorkel with the playful and inquisitive sea lions in the sheltered waters around the rim of the island. These waters offer a beautiful underwater world filled with marine life. As well as the sealions we are on the look-out for marine iguanas feeding, as well as turtles, rays and a host of colourful tropical fish. 

Lunch is served on board. Before returning to town, we stop off at a local beach, Playa Ochoa, where we can enjoy more snorkelling or have some relaxing time to reflect on the morning's adventures. We will be back in port early afternoon (around 2-3pm). Shared tour, with maximum 16 people on board.

Dinner on own

Overnight in a local hotel with breakfast included.

Day 3     Galapaguera, La Loberia Tour & Kayak in Bay (B,L)

San Cristobal's Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, La Galapaguera, is a great place to learn more about these amazing creatures. Here the tortoises roam freely  in their semi-natural habitat. This morning we can observe these giant creatures and learn more about their evolution and the threats that they are facing in the current environment. 

Later we visit La Loberia. After a 10-minute car ride and 15-minute walk we reach La Loberia Beach. La Loberia is a beautiful crescent shape sandy bay with pristine turquoise waters. The beach is home to a sea-lion colony, often filled with mothers and babies. It is great place to snorkel and swim. Look out for turtles and if you're lucky, marine iguanas swimming and feeding underwater.

Lunch included in a local restaurant.

This afternoon we kayak from the local beach around the bay of Puerto Baquerizo. Following the rocky coastline, we are on the look out for sea lions, blue footed boobies, frigate birds and sea turtles. The views back into town and out towards Kicker Rock are beautiful.

Dinner on own

Overnight in a local hotel with breakfast included.

Day 4: Transfer out (B)

This morning we well be picked up for our private transfer to San Cristobal Airport for our return flight to the mainland.

3 Star: Casa Opuntia
3 Star Superior: Galapagos Sunset
4 Star: Golden Bay


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Price includes:
Private airport transfers, top English-speaking guide, private tour to Tijeretas, Galapaguera, La Loberia & Kayak, one shared yacht tour to Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos (clients choose one), accommodation as specified, meals as specified (B - Breakfast, L - Lunch, D - Dinner), snorkel equipment.

Not included:
International flights, Galapagos flights, Transit Control Cards ($20 per person), Galapagos National Park Entry fee (US$100 per person), personal travel insurance, meals not specified, alcoholic and soft drinks, extra activities not specified, tips and personal expenses.

Prices are stated in US Dollars.
Prices are valid until 31st December 2024.
This tour begins and ends in San Cristobal airport, Galapagos.

Day 1: Tijeretas Tour
Day 1: Punta Carola Beach
Day 2: Kicker Rock
Day 2 Option: Lobos Island
Blue Footed Boobies
Day 3: Galapaguera - San Cristobal
Day 3: Loberia Tour
Day 3: Kayak in Bay
Frigate Bird - Lobos Island