Exploring Quito's Culinary Delights

Ecuador, a land of diverse climates, regions, and cultures, offers a culinary experience as rich and varied as its landscapes.

In the heart of Quito, a burgeoning culinary scene is thriving, with a new generation of chefs proudly showcasing Ecuador's traditional flavours and recipes, recalling ancestral techniques and dazzling diners with the dishes they offer.

Here are some must-visit restaurants in Quito that have captivated the Original Ecuador team’s taste buds in the last couple of months and are sure to delight any food enthusiast.

Back of lady with purple t-shirt, orange backpack and baseball hat as she looks out over a forest view in Ecuador's cloud forest


Nestled in a cozy, low-key setting, QUITU embodies a commitment to detail and quality. Here, the chef curates a tasting menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, celebrating the essence of Ecuadorian cuisine. From tantalizing ceviche made with the freshest catch of the day to aji de piedra, a chilli sauce, theatrically prepared table-side in front of the diners.  Every dish is a symphony of flavors. Complementing the culinary journey are signature cocktails meticulously crafted to harmonize with the menu.


Since its inception in 2018, SOMOS has redefined typical Ecuadorian cuisine with an international twist. Against a backdrop of vibrant ambiance, the chef pays homage to tradition through innovative cooking methods, including the use of a beautiful wood-fired oven that welcomes customers at the entrance. Standout offerings include an array of empanaditas (Ecuadorian turnovers) paired with unique chili sauces, sumptuous encocado de langostino (shrimp in coconut sauce), and a reimagined preparation of guinea pig (a traditional Ecuadorian delicacy). Somos offers the option of a tasting menu or a la carte dishes with a great cocktail menu.


Helmed by a dynamic duo—one Ecuadorian, one Spanish—KRIOLLO merges traditional flavors with avant-garde techniques. The chefs’ restaurant in Spain has earned accolades including a coveted Michelin Star. With an open kitchen and an on-site vegetable garden, Kriollo offers a seasonal tasting menu that surprises and delights. Indulge in the crispy pernil sandwich and savor the decadent Ecuadorian Cacao-infused dessert while soaking up the relaxed ambiance and panoramic city views.


In an elegant and modern setting, NUEMA presents a culinary journey curated by acclaimed Ecuadorian chefs, including Pia Salazar, named the World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2023 by Sosa. Drawing inspiration from local ingredients and innovative methods, the chefs craft visually stunning dishes bursting with flavor. Their seasonal tasting menu offers a delightful showcase of Ecuador's rich culinary diversity. Standout dishes include the exquisitely delicate Amazonian paiche, a renowned freshwater fish. The desserts, a hallmark of Pia's creations, incorporate unusual vegetable ingredients like turnip and radish, leaving patrons amazed. The pea and chamomile concoction we savored was particularly impressive. Each plate in Nuema is a masterpiece, showcasing the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine.

So why not wrap up your Ecuadorian trip with a gastronomic voyage through the country's diverse flavors at one of these exemplary restaurants, each shaping Ecuador's culinary revival in its own way. A perfect ending to your adventure through Ecuador.

Quitu Restaurant
Quitu Restaurant
Kriollo - ceviche
Chocolate Dessert - Kriollo Restaurant
Original Ecuador Team - Kriollo Restaurant
View across Restaurant Gardens & Quito - Kriollo
Nuema Restaurant
Nuema Restaurant
Original Ecuador Team - Nuema Restaurant